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I loved Artnia so much that I went again on Tuesday! (It was a national holiday.) This time, I got ShinRa pancakes because duh, ShinRa, and a cappuccino. The foam designs they present you with are random, and I got a chocobo! I saw another chocobo and a cactaur design among the people around me, and my date had cactaur pancakes.

Ya’ll reblogging me with comments about wanting to go — hell yeah, if you’re ever in Japan drop me a line, why not.

I had tons of time to kill in Tokyo today, so I went to the Square Enix cafe, Artnia, on a whim for the first time!

Major nostalgia, walking into this place.

1. The entrance.
2. The sign outside of the neighbouring complex that houses, obviously, Square Enix
3, 4. For about 1500 yen, I got this dessert & souvenir mug
5. The showroom with all the shiny goods as well as a materia fountain.
6. The cafe is decorated for Halloween, now, so it’s only fitting to have a certain vampire’s coffin…
7. The placemat
8. Souvenir coaster. You can choose Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy.
9. The napkin! Naturally, another homage to FFVII.

Not pictured: The cactaur glass I bought. There were so many things I wanted to buy. (Personally, I was freaking out over the ShinRa lapel pins, because years ago when my cosplay group did the Turks, we were trying so hard to get them and it was just impossible!)

Definitely going back — maybe this week, even!

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