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THE GALLO vs Osaka AvelCain on 10/18! 

That was a pretty cool show! I got hayaban and had to trade to go in on a slightly higher single-digit number, but was all good ‘cause I got my kami-ichi spot. GALLO played first, surprisingly, and they played the new song, “Musou”!! It was so much better than the silly little preview made me think it’d be! The verses were ska-like, I was really surprised; the only furi we could do to it was two-step, which Jojo attempted to teach us. But failed.

The boys didn’t honestly put on their best performance, but were high energy anyway. When we were moshing, Jojo and Hikaru grabbed my head/hair more than once (not roughly!), and at Mimizu towards the end, Jojo tagged Hikaru out for the mosh. Which is always a bad idea; Jojo’s a basket of fail in these situations and he ate floor — and took half the audience down with him — about 5 seconds into the mosh. XD He fell on one girl I know and another almost fell on top of him, and man, the moment we had him pulled back up he BOLTED for the stage. There was a lot of wreckage on the floor from the domino-effect, including Jojo’s corset, so I ran it back to the stage after that fiasco.

We hung in the back for AvelCain — I told the girls I’d brought that they’d really enjoy them, and they did. Their cover of Muen didn’t impress me live, but the recorded version is pretty good!! I chilled for their whole set, except for Muen, naturally. <:

They got called for encore, and of course called GALLO out, who came back on stage a bit at a time. One of my good friends chuckled and said she bets they come in from the back, and I said no way — they don’t do that.

About 10 seconds later, my other friend gets SHOVED into me … and it’s Hikaru, barreling is way through the crowd from the back. We all lost our shit, it cracked us up!

They only played one more song and GALLO got into it, Jojo singing/screaming with Karma (and at one point Karma was making out with the side of Jojo’s face and Jojo looked super awk, A+) and they started doing the dogpile thing. So I grabbed one of my friends and we rushed in. I have ALL THE BRUISES now but it was so much fun because it’s so rare for a GALLO show.

Afterwards was satsueikai which was GREAT. Jojo put his leg over my lap and was all over my face, idek what he was doing, and Hikaru scooped me up in a hug of joy, and I love these guys so, so much.

I hope everyone at the Tokyo show tonight is having as much of a blast as I did in Osaka!!

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