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I AM STILL ALIVE and successfully moved into my new place in Kanto. But that means I still don’t have Internet — hell, I won’t even have a fridge or washing machine for a few days, and am indefinitely without a stove… But I’ll get there. XD

Anyway, I’ll be around when I’m around. It’s taking some time to get settled in and there are more important things to attend to than Tumblr right now — AS HARD AS THAT IS TO BELIEVE omg.

I love you guys, take care and don’t forget about me, okay?!

I’m in Tochigi! (In a hotel…)

Movers are bringing my things tomorrow. Hopefully utilities will be set up in my place tomorrow, too (a fantastic coworker at my new place offered to call and help get them out to me!). Now, I need to go look for appliances at the used shops I think, and grab a bowl of ramen because apparently my city is famous for it.

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